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Offices, dedicated desks, and open tables in the space that popularized wax paper ~100 years ago.


Coworking for people skeptical of coworking

The backstory: Kickstand and Stash Design wanted a nice place to work in Oak Cliff. Not finding one, we decided to make one ourselves. In the process, we created the world’s first coworking space without motivational quotes on the walls, a feat we are very proud of. If your definition of a nice place to work is also: a desk, a weird old building and the company of some halfway decent people, we’d love you to join us.


  • Coffee, fiber internet, printer and conference room usage.
  • Plus generous-to-the-point-of-impractical common space.
  • Access to the light rail – we’re literally on the Tyler/Vernon stop.
  • A tire swing. Indoors.
  • Community bar (coming soon).
  • Shower (coming soon)
  • Discounts on events and large meeting space usage.
  • And a whole host of unenglishable intangibles that set this place apart from other coworking spaces; for instance: the ceiling here, as the kids say, slays.
Wax Space - Conference Room 404
Odd little room


  • The tire swing will catch your foot if you’re not careful.
  • The larger building is being renovated, noise gets annoying sometimes. They’re doing their best to keep it down though.
  • Parking is adequate, but just.
  • We need white boards but we hate how white boards look so we’re taking a long time to build some that look ok which means we don’t have any yet, sorry not sorry.
  • The signage on the building is awful, we’re working on it. Sorry for real sorry.
  • The natural lighting is great, but it gets a little dark in here when the sun isn't out.


Dedicated desk

$350 per month
  • You get your own desk. It is yours. Really. Leave your monitor and plant.

Open Tables

$200 per month
  • Feel free to work anywhere in our common areas.

Day Pass

$20 per day
  • A day at Wax Space. Get in touch for a free day pass.

Private Office

Based on size
  • Sadly we are all out of offices. Happily we are building more. Get on the waitlist and be the first to know when an office is available.

Private Events and Meetings

Need a big, cool place to hold a meeting or private event? You found one. Contact us for rates.


Photo and Video Shoots

We get a lot of requests to shoot here, and we’d love to have you. Contact us for rates.

Our Neighbors

Come work in the same building as some of the greatest artists, builders, creators, and brewers in Dallas.


Located in the newly renovated Tyler Station.

1300 S. Polk Street
Suite 295
Dallas, TX 75224

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